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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lay it to rest, Manny Pacquiao is the best

Ricky Hatton, his eyes closed, was at rest before his back hit the mat after taking the sleep inducing left hook from Manny Pacquiao in their 2 May 2009 140-lb IBO and Ring Magazine title fight.

After regaining consciousness, Ricky realized that indeed there was somebody who could beat him and who did beat him, and devastatingly, in his claimed domain at 140 lbs. The much hyped Battle of the East and West proved to be not a battle after all because Manny Pacquiao deftly defused it.

Doubters should now put to rest the lame excuse that Oscar dela Hoya was not his usual self when the Pacman beat him like he never was. This excuse downgraded Manny’s accomplishment to some extent. Hatton even bought the idea and said that he could have likewise beaten the drained Oscar that night of 6 December 2008. Oscar’s partial assessment of a stronger and bigger Hatton winning over Manny supported the doubters’ proposition that Manny is not really that great.

With Ricky’s easier and earlier dismissal by Manny than Oscar was, Freddie Roach proves right in his assessment that the Oscar of 6 December 2008 could still beat many top fighters of today. And this does not exclude the Ricky Hatton of 2 May 2009.

When Floyd Mayweather, Jr. announced his comeback, these doubters immediately removed Manny from the top P4P pedestal and reinstalled Floyd to it. That because of Manny’s previous 3 losses as against none to Floyd the latter should be on top. But if past performances against common opponents were to be the gauge, which should not be, Manny’s have the edge.

Floyd struggled with Oscar to earn a split verdict while Manny dominated and made Oscar quit before the start of the 9th round. The old-man-making defeat eventually led to Oscar’s retirement from being a fighter.

It took Floyd almost 10 rounds to beat Ricky who, before the stoppage, was holding his own to give Floyd problems. Manny easily beat Ricky who was on dreamland just before the bell to end the 2nd round. Now Ricky might be contemplating retirement himself.

By unseating Ricky Hatton, Manny won his 6th title in as many weight divisions. More so, he is the first fighter to win a 4th lineal or real championship in 4 weight divisions. He has now won the flyweight, featherweight (which many erroneously do not recognize), junior-lightweight and now junior-welterweight lineal championship.

So the question as to who is the best P4P fighter should now be laid to rest. Even with the return of Floyd Jr. to the mix, the world champion from the east is simply and would still be the best.


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Bradpetehoops said...


In your opinion,how will the pacquia-Hatton match will end?

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