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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hatton may pull off an upset

IF it is true that styles make fights, then the Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton fight on Sunday (Manila) at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, is an event no one can afford to miss.

Pacquiao—the brawler turned boxer

Manny Pacquiao, recognized as the best boxer in the planet today, is expected to showcase his boxing skills. Gone are the days of the young careless pugilist. His courage and aggressiveness have been replaced with intelligence and skill, evidenced by his total domination of Oscar de la Hoya.

Although we all long for that one killer left straight that has decked many of his opponents, the Filipino fighter is expected to break down the bigger, stockier and stronger Hatton by throwing left lead straights followed by right hooks to the body and head. Pacquiao is also expected to fight from a distance throw double jab combinations to set up an uppercut from either the right or the left hand.

His main defense will be his foot speed. Pacquiao will move, stick, pivot and turn and will attempt to confuse the determined champion. His best option is to keep away to provide enough space for his left straight to land.

Hatton—a raging brawler

Ricky Hatton, on the other hand, is expected to take the fight to Pacquiao. Hatton is comfortable in fighting. He loves to brawl body to body and start his flurries while digging his forehead into his opponent’s chest.

He is gifted with the ability to throw well-timed and powerful left hooks—the best punch to throw against a left-handed fighter like Pacquiao.

That left hand when thrown early will stop Pacquiao from leading with his left hand before moving to his right. That left hand if thrown in succession may change the movement of the supposedly agile pound-for-pound king.

Key to victory

The key to this fight is this—whoever gets sucked into fighting the other’s style will lose.

If Pacquiao loses his cool to Hatton’s bullying tactics, he will find himself wrestling and pushing before he can throw his punches. He will need to work double time if he allows Hatton to dictate the way the fight unfolds.

On the other hand, if Hatton settles to fight in the middle of the ring and match Pacquiao’s combinations from a distance, he will find himself in no man’s land as this is what Pacquiao trained for. Hatton’s legs will be tested and his patience challenged.

Although Pacquiao is expected to win, Hatton is a dangerous opponent and may just pull off an upset.


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