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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


"People not going to come watch Oscar fight like that no more man, come on! He did the right thing…Yeah, all he need is two fights and he'll be ready for Shane. Marquez ain't going to be nothing but a tune-up; somebody to pick apart like target practice," stated world-class trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. as he responded to recent comments made by welterweight champion Shane Mosley regarding Mayweather's work with Oscar De La Hoya. Check out what else he had to say as he shares his thoughts on De La Hoya's retirement, Mayweather Jr.'s potential return against Juan Manuel Marquez and much more.

PC: How is Ricky looking my man?

FM: Great! Camp went great and Ricky looked great.

PC: You guys should just be tapering down now, huh?

FM: Oh yeah! All of the hard work is done. I just need him to perform now. That's it.

PC: I've been waiting for this one man. I'm ready for the 2nd.

FM: (Laughing) Well it's here damn near now and you know we going to bring it. That's for sure!

PC: I have to get your opinion on De La Hoya's retirement because you were such a vital part of his career. What did you think of him announcing his retirement?

FM: I think he did the right thing. He wasn't going to do nothing but embarrass himself more. He can't hurt his name more than he already did.

PC: Plus, I was thinking, who could they let him fight to maybe get a farewell victory?

FM: Yeah, who could they put him in there with to generate any money? People not going to come watch Oscar fight like that no more man, come on! He did the right thing.

PC: I read somewhere where Shane Mosley thought you messed Oscar's career up with the style you brought to the table.

FM: I heard something like that, but whatever the case may be, I'm the one that trained De La Hoya when De La Hoya whooped his ass. I sure did mess him up. I messed him up enough to whoop his ass.

PC: (Laughing) He said you made him fight a certain way that didn't benefit Oscar.

FM: De La Hoya fought a different way because he wanted to fight a different way. De La Hoya told me to teach him how to fight like Lil Floyd. That's what De La Hoya did. De La Hoya is the one that wanted to fight like Lil Floyd. I don't tell nobody how to fight. You fight the way you want to fight. Any way you want to fight, I'll train you that way because I'm good enough to do it like that. He [Mosley] needs somebody to train him. I hope he don't think he got a helluva victory because he beat Margarito 'cause when Lil Floyd come back and get a couple of fights, I'm going to make sure Mosley get his ass whooped.

PC: It looks like July 18th, Lil Floyd will be back fighting Juan Manuel Marquez.

FM: Yeah, all he need is two fights and he'll be ready for Shane. Marquez ain't going to be nothing but a tune-up; somebody to pick apart like target practice. If you want me to tell you the truth, don't get me wrong, he beat Margarito, but the whole thing is that I know for a fact Lil Floyd got way faster hands than Shane and Lil Floyd would've took Margarito's ass out too. And if he didn't take him out, guess what? It would have been a one-sided ass whoppin' anyway so it wouldn't make a difference.

PC: I saw that commercial Lil Floyd is in and he is in damn good shape. And of course I saw you eating Taco Bell on 24/7 and you ripped as hell. Ya'll just got some good ass genetics.

FM: (Laughing) And all that shit I say is true man. I eat cookies, drink Kool Aid and eat cake and all of that.

PC: You must have forgotten I've eaten dinner with you before on more than one occasion. I know how you get down. I saw you put away about five bowls of ice cream.

FM: Oh yeah. You see how I do it man. It don't take much for me to get my 6-pack going and get ripped back up.

PC: I hear you got something going on my man. I'll let you go.

FM: Yeah, you know you can get me anytime, but this something I gotta take care of. HBO [24/7] here and they all waiting on me so hit me back later Percy.


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