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Monday, April 6, 2009

Roach not worried on Hatton’s undefeated record at 140lbs

MANILA, Philippines – Ricky Hatton is undefeated while fighting at 140 pounds.

But Freddie Roach, according to, is not a bit worried as long as Floyd Mayweather Sr. is at Hatton’s corner.

“As long as (Floyd Sr.) is in Hatton’s corner I have absolutely no concerns. It’s not like his brother Roger (Hatton) is training him. Floyd training Hatton for this fight is our biggest advantage."

Roach said Hatton is a perfect opponent for Pacquiao. “Hatton is not fundamentally sounds as a fighter because he keeps his chin up."

Roach added that Hatton’s chin will be Pacquiao’s main target on May 2. “You're going to hear a lot of glass breaking when Manny starts playing his chin music concerto on Hatton."

“You're going to see who has the chops to play this masterpiece on May 2." – GMANews.TV


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In your opinion,how will the pacquia-Hatton match will end?

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